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Frequently Asked Questions

Last update

March 17, 2020 at 4:16 p.m.

General questions

Campus access

Is the PEPS open?

No. All sporting activities at PEPS are suspended and only authorized persons may enter, to ensure priority services. Currently, there is no access to the PEPS pavilion to retrieve personal belongings. For more information, we invite you to consult the Sports Activities Service website.

Is the Library open?

No. The Library is only accessible online. Please visit the Library's website for more information.

Library users do not have to return borrowed books until further notice. No fines will appear in patrons' files. This accommodation came into effect on Thursday, March 12.

Is it possible to access facilities during the closure?

Only authorized persons may enter the campus pavilions, in order to ensure priority services.

Are the labs accessible?

Research activities are strictly limited to those that are essential to the continuation of ongoing projects or protocols. Graduate students who will be able to access the research laboratories will be notified by their supervisor.

Are parking fees charged?

Parking is free of charge on March 17 and 18 to allow members of the university community to quickly retrieve their computers, documents or personal belongings left inside the pavilions. Thereafter, parking fees will be charged according to the usual schedule.

Can non-academic activities take place on campus?

No. We ask students to avoid coming on campus and to follow the instructions for the gatherings.

Can we have team meetings?

We ask students to avoid coming on campus and to follow rally guidelines. We recommend that they use the online work tools.


What if I fear I may have been in contact with someone affected by VIDC-19?

People who believe they are developing symptoms are encouraged to contact, toll-free, 1-877-644-4545. Université Laval is collaborating with the Public Health Branch and is implementing its recommendations.


What do I do when I get back from my trip?

As of March 12, all members of the university community - students, employees, interns, professors, etc. - are now required to travel home. - returning from a stay outside Canada for professional or personal reasons must undergo a mandatory 14-day period of isolation.

See the Travel page for information on what to do and how to cancel a trip.

What should I do if my immediate family member returns from a trip?

To find out the basic preventive hygiene measures recommended for everyone, the symptoms of the disease and the modes of transmission, we invite you to consult the Web site

Anyone who develops symptoms of fever, cough or breathing difficulties within 14 days of returning from a trip is invited to call 1 877 644-4545. If a consultation is required, it is important to inform the health care community of your travel history before you arrive or upon arrival so that the required preventive measures can be applied.


Face-to-face classes

All face-to-face classes are suspended.

See the Current Students page for details on how to transfer courses from face-to-face to distance education and access online resources and services.

Are classroom exams cancelled or rescheduled?

All information regarding evaluations will be communicated to students in the coming days by their profesors.

Are the assignments for these courses also being postponed?

Each course instructor will contact their students to inform them of the procedures for submitting assignments.

Online courses

Will the online course exams be held?

Online courses and exams are held according to the usual schedule.


Can internships currently underway in Quebec continue?

Students currently in an off-campus practicum in Quebec may continue their practicum according to the instructions of the host environment.

Students must comply with the requirements of the host environment.

Can placements that take place on the Université Laval campus continue?

These internships are suspended.

Is it possible to continue our internship in Canada?

It is currently permitted to travel within Canada. If your internship environment is ready to welcome you, you will be able to participate.

Will the internships scheduled to start in the next few weeks take place?

If your internship environment is ready to welcome you, you will be able to participate.

International Students

I'm a foreign student, am I insured?

All foreign students are automatically and mandatorily covered by the Université Laval group health and hospitalization insurance plan offered by Desjardins Insurance.



I live in residence and wish to leave my room immediately. Is this possible?

Yes, it's possible. Residents can cancel their lease at no additional cost. Those who wish to remain in residence can do so, respecting the principles of social distancing in the kitchen or common areas. 

For more information, please contact Residence Services by email at