Reaching out to the land

The Faculty of Forestry and Geomatics has trained thousands of forest engineers, engineers, land surveyors, and geographers who have shaped today’s society. Most occupy high ranking positions in Canada and abroad.

The Faculty’s teaching and research mission dates back to the beginning of the last century. Today, it is the only school in Québec offering graduate and undergraduate training in forestry and geomatics. Not only does it enjoy an excellent reputation, it has the dual advantage of being a small faculty with a personal feel in a large university.

Faculty graduates have many opportunities to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of our society, where the forest industry has long played a key role. Geomatics is an emerging science that is becoming essential to many areas of land use planning. Lastly, geography provides a multidisciplinary approach to environmental and human issues.

The Faculty of Forestry and Geomatics is the largest in Canada, with research centres and networks covering many fields, from knowledge of the land and the social aspects of land use to the use of its resources (wood, non-wood, wildlife, etc.). Its many research groups include the Forest Biology Research Centre, the Wood Research Centre, the Geomatics Research Centre, the Centre for Northern Studies, the Hydrometeorology and Precision Agriculture Research Centre, the Carbon Flux Network (Fluxnet), and the Intensive Silviculture Network.

The Faculty also boasts its own 6,600 hectare teaching and research forest: Montmorency Forest. A vast open-air lab for professors and students, it also serves as a meteorological station.

Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics
Pavillon Abitibi-Price
2405, rue de la Terrasse
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