An innovative look at space

The Faculty of Planning, Architecture, Arts and Design comprises four schools combining a variety of disciplines that explore the way people perceive, build, and take possession of space. It is also home to the Planning and Development Research Centre (CRAD).

The School of Architecture is located in the heart of Québec City’s historic district in a heritage building with spectacular rooms. Known for its educational rigor, the School promotes close professor/student ties by putting emphasis on workshops with small groups of students. It stands out for its collaborations with professionals and its international connections. Students explore habitat and culture, heritage enhancement, building technologies, and computer-aided design and simulation.

The School of Visual Arts is also located in a wonderfully restored heritage building in the heart of downtown Québec City where students receive a topnotch education and can explore all techniques of artistic expression. At the bachelor’s level, the School offers three concentrations: graphic design, plastic arts and new media animation. The School features a variety of sophisticated equipment, workshops, and labs where students can experiment with 2D and 3D computer graphics and digital video, sound, and print in an outstanding creative environment.

The Graduate School of Land Management and Regional Planning (ÉSAD) offers multidisciplinary master’s and doctoral programs in urban and land use planning, regional development, the environment, and transportation. Its students work with researchers to advance knowledge in these fields.

The School of Design, housed in La Fabrique, offers undergraduate and graduate programs in 2D/3D animation, graphic design, and multimedia design. Many facilities including state-of-the-art workshops and labs are shared with the School of Visual Arts.

Faculty of Planning, Architecture, Arts and Design
Édifice du Boulevard
350, boulevard Charest E, 7e étage
Québec (Québec) G1K 3H5

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