Measuring the human experience

The exciting and varied subjects taught in the Faculty of Social Sciences lead to analysis and understanding of human phenomena in all their complexity and diversity. In addition to its regular programs, the Faculty has added the innovative, interdisciplinary twist to certain programs, with options like a bachelor’s degree in economics and politics. Over the years, it has also developed its own specialties in areas like Native studies, gambling prevention and treatment, globalization and labour, and energy, environmental, and natural resource economics.

The Faculty's 200 professors provide high quality instruction and ongoing supervision and guidance to some 4,000 students. Apart from solid intellectual development, students benefit from hands-on training, generally through internships. They are also strongly encouraged to spend time studying abroad, for example by adding the international profile to their academic program.

Thirteen research centres and groups, as well as 10 research Chairs make the Faculty of Social Sciences a highly active setting ideal for understanding contemporary social issues. Student life is highly stimulating, thanks to the various student associations and groups. By the very nature of their field of study, students in the Faculty of Social Sciences are often involved in community initiatives and able to make a valuable contribution to societal debates.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck 
Bureau 3444
1030, avenue des Sciences-Humaines
Québec City, Québec G1V 0A6
418 656-2131, ext. 4448 

Departments and Schools
Anthropology (French only) 
Economics (French only) 
Industrial Relations (French only) 
Political Science (French only) 
School of Psychology (French only) 
School of Social Work (French only) 
Sociology (French only)