Admissions at Université Laval


Gather the Required Documents


All documentation related to your prior studies must be official, that is, documents must be originals produced by the educational institutions. A certified true photocopy of an original document must bear the original seal of the person authorized to issue it: a justice of the peace, notary, attorney, embassy or consular attaché, etc.

The official transcripts from a Canadian or American university should be sent directly by the institution which issues them or be delivered by sealed letter.

An official translation in French or English is required for all documents written in a language other than French, English or Spanish.

To accelerate the processing of your application, scanned documents (PDF or JPG only) may be transmitted through the online admission application or thereafter, in the secure area of the website Capsule at, by clicking on the Admission tab and then Dossier de candidature. Official documents still need to be submitted by regular mail.