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Looking for a research project for your master’s or PhD?

Université Laval is ranked among the best research universities in Canada.

It owes its top-notch performance to experienced researchers in a wide variety of fields who are constantly making new discoveries, and who actively participate in national and international research networks. Many of their projects at UL benefit from generous funding that allow students to join research teams and receive salaries. Hurry and check out the list of research projects offered to find the one that matches your interests and your aspirations!

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Selecting your research topic and your supervisor is a major step when you pursue a master's or PhD degree. That's why most programs strongly urge you to identify your research interests and research supervisor before you even apply for admission.


Arts and Human Sciences

For most fields of study, you'll be responsible for specifying and defining your research topic. You may be asked to provide a draft proposal (approx. 5 pages) along with your application for admission. This is the first step toward defining your topic, whether or not you have already found a research supervisor.

It is recommended to have already established an agreement with a supervisor prior to your application, even if it is not part of the admission criteria. This can help to submit a better quality research project that is deemed more feasible by the admissions committee. If you still have not formalized an agreement with a supervisor once accepted in the program, you must know that this can sometimes be problematic given the commitments already made by the professors to other students at that time.


Pure and Applied Sciences

In most of these fields, your research supervisor will recommend a research topic. In some cases, you will halp advance the efforts of a team by working on a topic that is part of a funded mandate. For programs in these fields of study, selecting a research supervisor before you apply for admission is highly recommended, or even mandatory. Making initial contacts with professors in your chosen field of study is your responsability.


Find a Research Supervisor

The most important thing is to target specific subjects that intereset you, then find out more about professor's areas of research and their projects, as well as about the research groups and chairs that are part of. Once you have identified professors who work in areas that interest you, feel free to contact them directly or, if necessary, the program administrator with whom they work.

Before you contact faculty members

It is important to use a personalized approach with faculty members. Thus, it is strongly recommended to contact a limited  number of professor at a time, whose research interests are consistent with your own or with your previous research expériences. If your research interests converge in several areas, feel free to contact professors from related departments.

Before you contact faculty members, it is recommended to read some of their recently published articles or have a look at what their actual students are producing (in the form of master's ou PhD theses).

Next, send the professor you would like to work with a personal email that includes the reasons you would like to work with him, your university experience, your research interests or, if possible, a draft of your proposed research project showing how it fits with the professor's field of expertise. Also include your CV (with scientific achievements and publications, laboratory experience, etc.), your academic records, a cover letter and 1 or 2 letters of recommendation.

If you have received funding, inform the professor of the type, amount and duration.

Keeping track of your application can show your interest with a specific professor, On the other hand, repetitive emails or messages may be perceived negatively. Finally, it is highly recommended, even for students living outside Québec City, to meet with the professor you wish to work with. A phone interview should be considered if a meeting is impossible. Remember that our professors are in high demand and allow them time to read and evaluate your application.


For information on our professors

If you are looking for a supervisor for your master's or PhD degree at the Faculty of Medicine, register online at: Student seeks supervisor (in French only).

If you are lookgin for a supervisor for your master's or PhD degree at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, fill out the Mentoring application form.

Looking for a postdoctoral fellowship? Visit Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

If you are an international student interested in a training and research internship, go to International office website.

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