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Beware of fraud

Université Laval recommends that all international applicants read the following information to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous individuals.

We wish to bring to your attention a fraud attempt, using the name of Université Laval, now rampant in the following countries:

  • Ivory Coast
  • Benin
  • Haiti
  • Cameroon
  • Congo
  • Togo

Fraudulent emails are currently circulating, stating in particular that scholarships covering all inherent costs are offered by Université Laval to allow international students to study in Canada.

The emails refer to other organizations that claim to be partners with Université Laval. Fraudsters require a monetary sum or different documents to submit an application. They use the official logo of Université Laval, produce forged documents (application forms, certification, etc.), and are promoting these scholarships fraudulently and maliciously.


Admissions assistance

No outside organization, agency, firm, or representative may handle your application to Université Laval or guarantee your acceptance.

Applicants must personally complete the application process by working directly with the Registrar’s Office. Your acceptance is based solely on the quality of your academic record and other required documentation you submit.

Paying a representative or intermediary for admission assistance is futile; it will not increase your chances of admission.

You must submit your application online or by using the official admission forms that can be downloaded from the university’s only official websitewww.ulaval.ca.

International representatives

Université Laval’s international representatives can always be identified as being affiliated with the University.

If you meet individuals who say they represent Université Laval in your country, make sure that they are actually identifiable university employees. Université Laval does not work with any intermediary services or representatives who claim to facilitate international student admissions.

You can easily identify official representatives because all Université Laval employees and representatives—even abroad—use an email address with the ulaval.ca domain name. Avoid any correspondence with representatives who contact you using other email addresses (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).

Also be advised that some unscrupulous individuals are now able to disguise their email address with the ulaval.ca domain name. To ensure that the email address is valid, make sure that the reply email address is always with the ulaval.ca domain name.

Scholarship programs

Only Université Laval and Fondation de l’Université Laval are authorized to award scholarships to international applicants.

No organizations or foundations outside Université Laval or Fondation de l'Université Laval are authorized to award academic scholarships to international students on behalf of the university. To learn more about scholarships at UL, consult the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office (BBAF) at www.bbaf.ulaval.ca.

When in doubt, contact us!

To ensure you are following the correct application procedure or to verify the identity of an individual or organization claiming to represent Université Laval, contact us at reg@reg.ulaval.ca

For more information, consult the Notice on Internet fraud issued by Immigration-Québec.

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