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French language learning support

Université Laval is a French-language institution. Because most courses offered are in French, you must have an adequate knowledge of the language to attend UL. To improve your French and reach the level of proficiency required to study at UL, a variety of French-language services are offered to all non-francophone* applicants.

*”Non francophone” refers to someone who attended elementary and high school in a language other than French.

French immersion courses

French immersion courses are available to all non-francophone applicants admitted into an undergraduate program (excludes limited enrolment programs) who need to improve their French. Two French upgrading courses are integrated into your program. However, these courses do not count towards your degree. See an example of a qualifying program including French immersion.

Courses and programs in French

Université Laval’s École de langues offers courses and programs in French as a second language. These immersion courses and programs are taught by specialized professors and will help you learn French or improve your knowledge.

Supplemental tuition fee exemption for French courses

Canadian (non-Québec) and international applicants qualify for a supplemental tuition fee exemption for taking French language and culture courses during their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program.

Intensive summer courses

Intensive summer courses in French as a second language offer a mix of classroom and hands-on learning using social and cultural activities. They provide numerous occasions for students to listen, read, write, and speak in French. 

Regular French courses

15-week credited sessions in French as a second language are offered in the fall and winter. Find out more about courses, admission, cost, and accommodation.

Certificates and microprograms

Certificates and microprograms in French as a second language from UL’s École de langues help you improve your knowledge of French and obtain a certificate or diploma. They can also count towards a degree program. 

French conversation and educational workshops

The “Rêver en français” workshops are intended for non-francophone graduate students, training and research interns (SFR), and postdoctoral fellows. These workshops aim to give students an opportunity to discuss subjects they care about in French.

French language scholarships

Each year, the École de langues offers scholarships to cover tuition and special pedagogical fees for graduate students (including those in preparatory schooling) or post-graduate registered in French as a second or foreign language.



If you are registered in a French as a second language course, you have access to free one-on-one tutoring. Take advantage of invaluable tools to get better grades, catch up on class work, or improve your knowledge of the subject.

Writing support

The Université Laval library offers free writing workshops to help you learn French writing skills and improve the quality of your work and research. French writing consulting services are also available at the library.

Multilingual meetups

Participate in multilingual meetups, linguistic and cultural exchanges between two students. This free service is adapted to each student’s schedule and area of study and gives non-francophone students an opportunity to improve their French and francophone students the chance to practice a foreign language.

Buddy program

The Bureau de la vie étudiante’s (Student Life Office) buddy program helps you get settled in Québec City.


Contact cosmopolite

Find a language-exchange partner through the UL international community portal.