Research project

Plastic visualization of itineraries

Research Field

- Geomatics
- Computer science
- Human-machine interface

Research Supervisor

Frédéric Hubert

Research Environment

Center for Research in Geomatics (CRG)

CRG is one of the largest geomatics research centres in the world and is recognized for its innovation and leadership in R&D in geospatial sciences and technologies. Based at Université Laval's Department of Geomatics Sciences, CRG brings together world-class researchers in geomatics with researchers in the departments of Computer Sciences, Urban Planning, Geography and Organizational Information Systems. CRG activities are mainly focused on original and innovative fundamental research as well as applied aspects of geomatics sciences (legal surveying, geodesy, geographic information systems, GPS positioning, photogrammetry, etc.), and also in information technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, image processing, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, etc.) and sciences and engineering (robotics, etc.). CRG's position at the intersection of science and engineering, IT and the human and social sciences fosters innovation and helps make geomatics an especially vital field in the 21st century's knowledge society.

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Related Programs

Master's in Geomatic Sciences - with dissertation

Program description

Financial aid available*

Financial aid related to research project

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Program-Specific Financial Aid

Graduate Studies Awards

Plan Steps Incentive
Research project submission and approval before the end of the 1st semester
Initial thesis submission or fast-tracking to a doctorate
Total $1,600

Université Laval: Student Financial Aid

Sources de financement Montant
Leadership and Sustainable Development Scholarships 2 x $5,000
Mobility Grant for Out-of-Province Internships (in French)
Graduate Scholarships from Granting Agencies
$14,100 to $21,000
Online Directory of Graduate Scholarships (in French)
$500 to $50,000

Master's Scholarships for International StudentsThese scholarships are available in a number of programs to students from Africa and Europe, excluding France. This scholarship of $7,000 per year is awarded based on university academic achievement * Amounts shown represent maximum financial aid available. Certain conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice. For further information, contact sponsoring organizations directly.

Desired Profile

- Computer Software
- Geomatics Engineering

Required Documentation

- Cover letter
- Curriculum vitæ
- Student transcript
Submit your application at: and mention the project of interest.

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Frédéric Hubert
Professeur adjoint
Département des sciences géomatiques