Research project

Modeling and optimization of the exploitation of a seasonal thermal storage system for the Canadian Arctic

Project Description

In Canada, almost 200,000 people live in remote communities where electricity is provided by thermal power plants and space heating, by diesel furnaces. Although the situation is currently evolving due to projects deploying wind turbines and PVs in the arctic territory, the outcome of these projects is limited, mostly due to the absence of a viable seasonal energy storage solution adapted to the North and that would allow dealing with the intermittence of renewable energy sources. A research program has been elaborated to develop an audacious solution for long-term heat storage in the Arctic, i.e. underground heat storage. The present MSc project is part of that program and focusses on the surface components such as the solar panels, intermediate reservoirs, and heat exchangers. The objective of the project is to optimize the systems based on modeling, while considering the limits of technologies and the behaviors of those who use them.

Research Field

- Heat transfer
- Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)
- Heat exchanger
- Thermal storage
- Arctic
- Solar panel

Research Supervisor

Louis Gosselin

Research Environment

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Related Programs

Master's in Mechanical Engineering - with dissertation

Program description

Financial aid available*

Financial aid related to research project

$17000 per year for 2 years.

Program-Specific Financial Aid

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Achievement scholarship
Total $1,650

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Desired Profile

- Mechanical Engineering

Requirements and Conditions

-Good academic background
-Good knowledge on HVAC and heat transfer
-Interest for arctic issues and for interdisciplinarity

Required Documentation

- Cover letter
- Curriculum vitæ
- Student transcript
Please, make sure to mention clearly the project for which you are applying in all communications.

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