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A Plus that Pays off

Make your education pay off even more by choosing one of Université Laval’s five profiles. When you complete your undergraduate program, you’ll receive a degree indicating which profile you pursued and attesting to the skills you acquired along the way. You can even combine certain profiles.


International Profile

Ready for adventure—in the form of a semester or two at a university abroad? The International Profile, available for more than 100 undergraduate degrees, is your passport to the world. Imagine—you could study architecture in Guanajuato, Mexico; music in Berlin, Germany; or Forest Management and Environment in Uppsala, Sweden.

Signing up for the International Profile entitles you to a scholarship and special preparatory workshops on cultural differences, the cultural adaptation process, and international cooperation.

Immerse yourself in another culture.


Entrepreneurial Profile

Ready to develop the entrepreneurial skillset you need to set up and manage the kinds of projects you dream of? Available in conjunction with nearly 50 undergraduate programs, this profile offers the opportunity to complete an individual or group project, whether it has to do with culture and the arts, an event, technology, or science. You could even start your own business or create your own job.

From the moment you sign up for the Entrepreneurial Profile you’ll work closely with both an advisor and qualified professors who will help you through every phase of your project. From marketing surveys to business plans to networking—you’ll be ready!

Bring your ideas to life and make them happen.


Sustainable Development Profile

Interested by the concept of sustainable development? With this profile, you can familiarize yourself with sustainable development principles and learn to reflect critically on ways in which you may be able to contribute to sustainability in your future career. You’ll come away with tools that will help you find a job that reflects your values.

Be your own person—an agent of social change.


Honours Profile

If you are a high-achieving undergraduate student and you’ve set your sights on graduate school and are eager to explore a particular aspect of your field of study, you should consider the honours profile. This option allows you to enrol in graduate level courses, putting you on the fast track in a master’s program. You may even be able to play an active part in a research project supervised by a researcher in your field.

Set your sights on grad school.


Research Profile

Interested in acquiring research skills and learning about scientific communication in your particular discipline? This profile is for undergraduate students who wish to get a taste of research in their fields of study. With it, you can play an active role contributing to a development project, whether it’s related to science, the arts, or another field. You’ll explore a specific subject area in order to discover—or confirm—your intellectual and professional interests and demystify the various forms of scientific communication.

Explore scientific research and communication.

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