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Student Exchanges

Terms of Participation



  • To comply with the rules of Université Laval, notably the university calendar;
  • To register full time at Université Laval for a minimum of one session, no more than two (except for the summer intensive French-language courses).


  • To obtain in due time all required immigration documents (CAQ, study permit, visa, vaccination, financial statement, etc.);
  • To be responsible for all transportation costs, living expenses, books and supplies, required insurances (illness and hospitalization, personal property, civil liability, vehicle, etc.) during their stay at the host institution;
  • To pay the Pedagogical fees charged by the School of Languages when registering in Français langue étrangère (FLE) level courses;
  • To see that an official transcript is sent to the home institution and, if need be, to assume the associated costs;
  • To make their on-line reservation for a room in the Residence halls by filling the form available at the following address: before June 1st (fall semester) or October 1st (winter semester) of each year. To include payment in order to secure a room. Université Laval guarantees a room only for students participating in the International Profile, Canada Exchange and bilateral general agreements, only until the mentioned dates;
  • Non francophone students must submit French-language test results. Université Laval favours the TFI (Test de français international); the minimum required result to register in regular French-taught courses is 750/990. Other recognized French-language tests with equivalent results may be accepted. Students registering in French-language courses (FLES or FLS) do not have to comply with this requirement.