The mission of the Community-University Liaison Office (BLUM) is to facilitate university–business collaboration and foster research and innovation through technology transfer and social innovation for the greater good of the university community, the Québec City area, and society as a whole.



BLUM’s mandate is to support researchers through every phase of the invention and innovation development process. Overseen by the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation, BLUM exercises its mandate in accordance with Université Laval policies, regulations, and objectives. Our services are offered primarily to the university’s research and innovation community, but are also available to partners and other interested businesses. BLUM has three main roles:

  • Contractual agreements

    BLUM negotiates and drafts contracts and other agreements (confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, etc.) between Université Laval and its public and private sector partners.

  • Intellectual property

    BLUM is responsible for protecting intellectual property.

    BLUM receives and analyzes invention and copyright disclosures, assesses the commercial potential of inventions and innovations, and drafts recommendations on their protection and commercialization.

    BLUM also helps develop and implement intellectual property protection strategies.

    BLUM coordinates patent applications and communication between researchers and patent agents. It oversees patent application, renewal, and defence and other suitable protective measures.

  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer

    BLUM plays an advisory role on all issues related to knowledge and technology transfer, with a view toward commercial licencing

    BLUM carries out market research studies, identifies promising markets, and liaises with businesses interested in commercialization.

    BLUM promotes technologies and innovations developed at Université Laval, notably by attending technology trade fairs and other such events.

    BLUM provides advice and support to researchers drafting grant applications for technology maturation programs and drafts technology transfer plans.

    BLUM hosts and attends technology transfer events that bring together researchers, patent agents, and SOVAR, Université Laval’s research commercialization company.

    BLUM also negotiates commercial licences between Université Laval and partners from start-ups to major companies. We collect royalties on behalf of the inventors/developers in accordance with applicable policy.

The Team

Jean-François Simard
Assistant to the Vice Rector, Head of BLUM

Najat Aattouri
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Advisor 

Martin Castonguay
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Advisor

Lyne Gosselin
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Advisor 

Sonya Morales
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Advisor

Position to fill
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Advisor

Louise Trudel
Research and Planification Officer

Lisette Jobin

Miriam Cantin