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Technology transfer

Université Laval collaborates with private partners to commercialize the inventions and innovations developed by its research teams.

Université Laval’s Community Liaison Office is responsible for negotiating user and commercial licenses for technologies and innovations to which the university holds intellectual property rights.

The university is committed to negotiating in good faith to reach win-win agreements. Private partners must appreciate that the university’s primary teaching and research mission places it under certain obligations with respect to its: 

  • Bylaws
  • Commitments to granting organizations
  • Commitments to the university community

Since research at Université Laval is mainly publically funded, the university wishes to ensure that the results of its research are used to benefit Québec and Canada. The university retains user rights for teaching and research purposes, including the right to publish research results.

User and commercial licenses will be granted in return for:

  • Royalties on sales
  • Lump sum payments
  • Shares in startups
  • A combination of these options according to an agreement between the parties

Given that the university is not a commercial company that manufactures and sells products, licensees are responsible for product quality and safety. The university shall seek compensation for any claims arising from a licensee’s use of transferred technology and shall not be liable for its use or exploitation.

No warranties or declarations will be made regarding the commercial viability or patentability of technology. Licensees are invited to conduct their own due diligence.

The name “Université Laval” cannot be used to imply that the university endorses any product or service derived from such technology.