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Valorization of intellectual property

Intellectual property encompasses the fruits of human creativity in all its forms.

You will undoubtedly create one or more types of intellectual property as part of your research activities. You must therefore anticipate, plan, and make decisions regarding the protection and development of these types of intellectual property.

Types of intellectual property

Intellectual property includes:

  • Knowledge
  • Trade secrets
  • Software
  • Creative works 
  • Industrial design
  • Plant varieties
  • Inventions
  • Integrated circuit topography
  • Trademarks

The intellectual property rights resulting from your research activities can be protected. Talk to an intellectual property advisor to learn about the terms and conditions that apply to your activities.


Potential rights could be lost in your dealings with partners if you do not take certain precautions. It is your responsibility to remain alert during the course of your research activities. Staff at the Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation (VRRCI) will guide you with regard to the various circumstances you may face.

Confidentiality agreements

If you enter into discussions involving the potential disclosure of strategic or scientific information, it is recommended that you require a unilateral or bilateral confidentiality agreement to be signed.

  • Unilateral: You are the only party disclosing information to your industrial partner
  • Bilateral: You and your industrial partner both share information

Only the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation (or his/her authorized representative) may sign confidentiality agreements because Université Laval assumes the risks of a possible breach of confidentiality.

Material transfer or acquisition agreements

If you provide material to or receive material from a partner, you must contact VRRCI to prepare a material transfer agreement (material you provide) or review and negotiate the terms of an acquisition agreement (material you receive). VRRCI is the only authorized signatory for material transfer agreements because they include provisions on intellectual property that may have significant implications for you and Université Laval.