Sentinel North

Harnessing the power of light for the benefit of human health, the environment, and sustainable development in the North


An unprecedented transdisciplinary strategy


With funding of $98 million over seven years by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, the Sentinel North Strategy allows Université Laval to draw on over a half-century of northern and optics/photonics research to develop innovative new technology and improve our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on human beings and their health.

Sentinel North is built around a major transdisciplinary research program to create new international mixed research units and research chairs, recruit world-class professors, and train the next generation of researchers capable of solving the complex problems of a changing North.


Research program

Sentinel North's ambitious research program is based on three themes aimed at encouraging the development of research teams and joint projects focusing on discovery, transdisciplinarity, innovation, cooperation, partnership, and technology transfer.

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Training programs

Sentinel North deploys an innovative training strategy to foster the development of new scientists through its research program, which boasts a number of scholarship options, international schools, and an extensive program of transdisciplinary training activities.

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Other programs

The Sentinel North strategy offers a number of recruitment, networking, and recognition programs as part of its research program.

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Sentinel North International Arctic Field School – Two weeks remaining to submit your application

Taking place in Iqaluit, Nunavut from March 2 to 9, 2018 under the theme "A Changing Cryosphere: From Sensors to Decision Making", the School offers a transdisciplinary training program that addresses the scientific and socio-economic issues linked to the changing Arctic cryosphere.

Supported by internationally renowned professors and local experts, the IAFS provides a unique occasion to develop a hands-on and integrated expertise with a wide range of disciplines such as optics/photonics, arctic ecology, chemistry, geology and human health.

We encourage graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of all relevant fields of research to seize this opportunity.

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Results of the CNRS-Sentinel North call for projects

Four projects were selected following a joint CNRS - Sentinel North call for funding to move French researchers to Quebec City to initiate new collaborations with Sentinel North. The scientific officers of Université Laval who carry out these selected projects are:

  • Laurent Bouyer (Dpt. of Rehabilitation), in partnership with the Institut des Neurosciences Cognitives et Intégratives d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux 
  • Steeve Côté (Dpt. of Biology), in partnership with the Laboratoire d’Écologie Alpine, Grenoble 
  • Benoit Gosselin (Dpt. of Electrical and Computer Engineering), in partnership with the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences, Strasbourg 
  • Johann Lavaud (Dpt. of Biology), in partnership with the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences, Strasbourg


Sentinel North Annual Meeting

This first Sentinel North annual meeting is a networking and collaboration opportunity for the entire program’s community of researchers, students, collaborators and partners. The meeting will take place on August 29-30 in Quebec city. Learn more about the program and how to register here.


Canada First Research Excellence Fund


Sentinel North is made possible, in part, thanks to funding from Canada First Research Excellence Fund.