Sentinel North

Harnessing the power of light for the benefit of human health, the environment, and sustainable development in the North


Training programs


Sentinel North is implementing an innovative transdisciplinary scholarships strategy to encourage the development of young scientists capable of addressing the complex challenges that the North is facing.


Scholarships and Research Grants

The goal of Sentinel North's doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships is to encourage the best candidates to complete their training within Sentinel North's transdisciplinary research program.

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Student Mobility Grants

These grants enable Sentinel North students to benefit from the world's best laboratories and universities and to attract new talent to Université Laval's research laboratories.

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Innovative Training Activities

Transdisciplinary training activities addressing Sentinel North's complex research themes are put forward and animate a learning community: international graduate schools, bootcamps and graduate programs in biophotonics.

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For more information on Sentinel North scholarships and training programs, please contact:

Marie-France Gévry
Training programs coordinator
418-656-2131 ext. 8910