Urban agriculture on campus

There is a wealth of horticultural treasures around campus. A number of areas have been set aside for urban agriculture, such as the Roger Van den Hende garden, the VIA agroecology garden, the rooftop greenhouses on the Adrien-Pouliot building, and a number of green roofs.


Roger-Van den Hende Botanical garden

The six-hectare Roger-Van den Hende Botanical garden is located west of the Robert-Bourassa expressway. Home to nearly 4,000 species and cultivars, the garden is designated for education and research. Aside from the Montréal Botanical Garden, it is the only other botanical garden in Québec, and is internationally recognized for its outstanding plant collection.


VIA agroecology garden

The agroecology garden is a student initiative located west of the Robert-Bourassa Expressway. Student garderners grow fruits and vegetables for various campus cafeterias, including Saveur Campus.


Community gardens

For more than 35 years, the campus has had an organic community garden. The garden has 300 plots, each measuring 17 m2, and is located behind the Dentistry building. Trees along the edge of the garden naturally filter traffic noise, protect against the wind, and attract birds. Nearby residents also use the garden.

Another community garden near the H.-Biermans-Moraud building is designated specifically for campus residents.

Community gardens

Allée fruitée

In October 2011, on the initiative of the Université Laval students association, eight fruit trees were planted near the Louis-Jacques Casault building.


Kitchen Garden

Located between the Charles-de-Koninck and Jean-Charles-Bonenfant buildings, this garden was a gift to the university community in celebration of UL’s STARS Gold certification in 2014. Organic vegetables and herbs can be picked for free throughout the summer.

The team at the Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden set up and maintain the kitchen garden. In total, there are some twenty “Biotop” tubs in an area of more than 20 m2. The containers are watered using an irrigation system controlled by a timer.

Kitchen Garden

Circular agroecology garden

Students from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences have put in a circular permaculture garden between the Jean-Charles Bonenfant and Charles-De Koninck buildings to diversify crops and take advantage of plant interactions.

The garden is designed to produce food, and includes shrubs and perennial edible plants. The garden was initiated by the students of the first agroecology summer school organized by the Chair in International Development.

Circular agroecology garden

Green roofs

There are 11 green roofs on campus. Some serve aesthetic and ecological purposes (Charles-De Koninck, Alexandre-Vachon, and Services buildings), while others are used for activities (PEPS, Alphonse-Marie-Parent).

Green roofs of the Charles-de-Koninck building

Agricultural land

On the west side of campus, approximately six hectares of agricultural land have been set aside for research. Access to this land is controlled and managed by the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

Many students are involved in developing and supplying products for the campus through projects emphasizing food, awareness, and education. The work involved in supplying such products enhances learning, encourages knowledge sharing, and promotes entrepreneurship in an environment that fosters a multidisciplinary approach.

Student initiatives


Founded by student entrepreneurs at the university, this student association supplies the main campus cafeterias with locally grown produce, including lettuce from greenhouses on the roof of the Alexandre-Vachon building.


La BoULangerie du Comtois

Created in 2015 by students in the Food Science and Technology bachelor’s program, La BoULangerie du Comtois makes bread, cakes, pastries, bagels, and more, in the Comtois building.



Students in the Food Science and Technology program produce and sell craft beer at the BRASSTA, microbrewery. The beer is sold at the Université Laval Pub, Fou AÉLIES Café, and various events.


Le Carnivore

Le Carnivore is a Université Laval student committee that explores the art of charcuterie.


La Fromagerie du Campus

About thirty FSAA students hone their cheesemaking skills, producing Camembert, Emmental, Gouda, and other cheeses. Learn more.


VIA Agro-écologie

VIA Agro-Écologie is a student committee at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences that works to raise awareness about issues related to agriculture and the environment. The VIA garden, which has a community section and a collective section, opened in 2001.


Univert Laval

Allée-Fruitée, an apple and pear orchard, was planted by the Univert Laval committee, which promotes public agriculture on campus. Allée-Fruitée is not only ornamental, it’s a great educational tool for the university community. Students on the committee are currently studying a new proposal to plant other types of fruit trees in the orchard.


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