Sustainability principles and concepts are more present than ever in Université Laval teaching and learning activities and have been incorporated into the curriculum of more than 383 courses. Therefore, the Université Laval wishes to consolidate sustainable development educational offerings and promote the University as an institution of higher learning in sustainable development locally and internationally, especially in French-speaking parts of the world.

IndicatorNumber of courses in sustainable development
Target500 courses in sustainable development
Result as of April 30, 2017365 courses in sustainable development
Key actionSustainable development courses and programs recognition process
How to get involvedRegister for sustainable development educational activities and courses

Université Laval is committed to introducing students to the values and issues associated with sustainable development. Since spring 2009, UL academic regulations (PDF in French only) have stipulated that all bachelor’s programs, including the multidisciplinary bachelor’s and undergraduate doctoral programs, must introduce students to sustainable development issues so that they can act as environmentally responsible citizens (Section 104c, Paragraph 3).




Recognition Process for Sustainable Development Education Programs

Université Laval seeks to recognize and encourage efforts by faculty and program directors that promote sustainability skills development as part of the study plan for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. To this end, a committee made up of faculty and student representatives was created in fall 2012 by the Vice Rector of Academic and International Affairs (VREAI). The main task of the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Development Courses and Programs (CCOFDD) is to establish and apply the criteria for SD course and program recognition.


Sustainable Development Courses

Working with their syllabi, faculty members can use an online self-assessment questionnaire to determine the extent to which students acquire various sustainability skills and concepts in their courses. A sustainable development course can create awareness of, introduce, or examine in greater detail a variety of SD concepts, and all these courses are recognized with a unique identifier.


Sustainable Development Programs

A sustainable development program comprises a series of required courses and electives designed to foster different SD-related skills. Programs are recognized if they have a certain ratio of course credits that develop sustainable development skills. A program may be "focused on sustainable development" or, more generally, provide "basic sustainable development training".


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Training opportunities in sustainable development at Université Laval

Among the wide range of training in sustainable development, discover:


Leadership and Sustainable Development Scholarships

To foster students social involvement, a key part of sustainable development, Université Laval has created a Leadership and Sustainable Development Scholarship program. he program—part of UL’s ongoing effort to educate committed and responsible citizens—offers scholarships to students who have distinguished themselves in activities the following areas: society, environment, science, athletics, arts and entrepreneurial.


Living Laboratory

Seeking to expand its sustainable development research and reaching activities, UL has developed a "Living Laboratory" program allowing participants to take part in university sustainable initiatives while building skills in sustainable development in a course context. Students participating in the program examine the challenges facing Université Laval and explore avenues for continuous improvement.


  • ANI-1007: Creation of an animated video on sustainable development at Université Laval
  • GGR-1051: Assessing the tourism potential of the Campus Sustainable Development Tours
  • MNG-6009: Case study on integrating sustainable development in the Athletics Office

To create a living sustainability laboratory for one of your courses:




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