Responsible purchasing and consumption


Responsible purchasing and consumption

At Université Laval, goods and services for administrative operations and teaching and research activities are procured with an eye toward reducing the University’s environmental footprint. Thus, the University wishes to expand its expertise and maintain its leadership in green consumption and procurement.

IndicatorPercentage of of goods and services were purchased with sustainability criteria taken into account
Target45% of goods and services
Result as of April 30, 201740.36% of goods and services
Key actionRoll out a responsible food offering in the University’s various points of service
How to get involvedOrganize green events, adopt responsible office practices, and manage laboratory procurement responsibly

Université Laval buys more than $115 million in goods and services every year. By adopting responsible purchasing practices, it seeks to have a major impact on the sustainable development of society. From a lifecycle perspective, responsible purchasing enables an organization to reduce its environmental footprint, maximize its positive social impact, and strengthen its financial position.

For these reasons, Université Laval has developed a responsible purchasing policy (PDF in French only).




Sustainable Eating

Since May 2014 Université Laval has required campus food services to implement a variety of sustainability measures.

In addition, a number of spaces have been set aside for urban agriculture, such as the Roger Van den Hende garden and the VIA agroecology garden, the rooftop greenhouses on the Adrien-Pouliot building, as well as for green roofs and the weekly distribution of organic vegetables by Coop La Mauve. For more information, see the Urban Agriculture page.




Responsible laboratories


Research and education laboratories are veritable sources of learning and innovation. By the nature of their activities, they consume energy and water, in addition to producing residual materials.

The University encourages researchers to adopt behaviors and make purchases that have a positive effect on the environment. To accompany them in this process, the Finance Department has produced different fact sheets:





Release your books

Université Laval has a number of spots on campus where you can “release your books into the wild.” You can also take a book to read and then release it again. It’s a great way to give your books a new lease on life and enhance the Release your Books collections.

The Student Life Office (Rm. 2344 in the Alphonse-Desjardins building) will also take your books and redistribute them around campus. For more information:




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