Social involvement


Social involvement

Social involvement is important for society to progress, prosper, and offer its members a good quality of life. Université Laval wishes to highlight the culture of social involvement and entrepreneurship within the University community.

IndicatorPercentage of members of the University community involved in a social cause
TargetMaintain or improve on 2012 results (69% of employees, and 42% of students are involved in a social cause)
Result as of April 30, 201769% of employees, and 47% of students are involved in a social cause
Key actionHub of social involvement and entrepreneurship
How to get involvedGet involved in a social or humanitarian cause in the community

Student associations

There are more than 240 student associations at Université Laval. Some represent students in a particular program, department, or faculty, while others focus on personal interests, such as the environment, religion, or theatre.

Two ways to get involved:

  • Become a member of the association that interests you most
  • Simply participate in the different activities that are organized

For a list of all active associations or to find out how to set up your own association, visit the Student Life Office website..


International projects

VAre you a student interested in participating in an international humanitarian development project? You can get involved through one of many International Office internships:


Social enterprise projects

Are you more of an entrepreneur interested in starting your own socially responsible business? Two options are available for you:

  • Entrepreneuriat Laval makes a wealth of resources available to you and guides you from the start of your process to the end.
  • The Entrepreneurial Profile helps students develop their entrepreneurial skills through a structured approach requiring them to take initiatives and develop and manage projects.

Institutional campaigns

Is there a social cause that’s especially important to you? Get involved! There are as many ways to contribute as there are causes to choose from! Look around, ask questions, and make your choice!

Université Laval hosts several fundraising campaigns. To get involved as a volunteer or make a donation, see the following websites:


Recognition of student involvement

In keeping with our objective of encouraging university members—especially students—to be socially engaged, we invite you to have your work recognized by participating in one or more of the following recognition activities:


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