An environment conducive to a culture of responsible entrepreneurship and engagement

Université Laval is fertile ground for innovative entrepreneurship and engagement projects that raise the university’s profile across Québec, the rest of Canada and the world. Drawing on sustainable development principles such as social entrepreneurship and social and citizen responsibility, Université Laval recently set up an action committee on responsible entrepreneurship and engagement. Its mission:

  1. Coordinate entrepreneurship and engagement efforts on campus
  2. Spur the creation of new projects
  3. Offer the university community opportunities for social involvement
  4. Provide guidance and support for individual and group projects

An entrepreneurship and engagement action plan has been developed and will be rolled out over the coming months via new committees and projects. The action plan focuses on entrepreneurial and engagement training and services as well as the creation of new partnerships and the strengthening of existing partnerships with university and off-campus stakeholders.

Although a number of social engagement recognition activities and support measures for young entrepreneurs already exist, Université Laval believes that it must go even further. Recognizing entrepreneurial and engagement initiatives is a way to spread the word about the important role such projects play in generating collective wealth.


Our vision: act and use our influence to improve our collective wellbeing

Université Laval believes that entrepreneurial projects and engagement are a tangible way to tackle environmental challenges, community development, the fight against poverty and social inequity and other issues we face as a society. UL encourages its students and employees to become agents for change and development capable of initiating projects that promote collective wellbeing.

In doing so, the university seeks to promote a culture of responsible entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurs make decisions that balance project feasibility and social responsibility, thereby contributing to a viable economy for the benefit of the community as a whole.

UL also seeks to create a habit of social engagement within the university community so that everyone comes to realize the positive impact they can have on the surrounding community and environment. For more information on this initiative, please contact the Action Committee coordinator:


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