Sustainable infrastructure


Sustainable infrastructure

On the Université Laval campus, energy and water are used efficiently, waste is managed properly, and infrastructure is modernized. The University aims to pursue an integrated, sustainable approach to campus infrastructure management.


Indicator for energy consumption

IndicatorEnergy consumption in Gj/m2
TargetReduce project-related energy consumption by 36,150 Gj
Result as of April 30, 20170 Gj
Key actionEnergy efficiency measures
How to get involvedAdopt responsible water and energy consumption behaviour

Indicator for waste management

IndicatorAmount of waste generated in kg/FTE
Target35 kg of waste generated/FTE
Result as of April 30, 201733.2 kg/FTE
Key action20th anniversary of the waste management program
How to get involvedMake efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated at the source

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