Sustainable development also requires the good sorting and recovery of all types of waste. On campus, there are more than 800 recycling bins.


Recyclable materials

Recyclable containers, like cans, milk and juice cartons, and bottles, MUST be emptied (not rinsed), since they are all sorted by hand. For plastic containers, note that only those coded 1, 2, 4, and 5 are recyclable.


Not recyclable- put in the waste bin:
- PLA, a biodegradable polymer which is not accepted in the University compost;
- Expanded polystyrene (styrofoam);
- Plastic without code, plastic bags, Pyrex, ceramics and fine glass (i.e. window, wine glass).


Compostable materials

At Université Laval, materials are sent to a large-scale composting site, so you can put meat, leftovers, paper towels, dirty pizza cartons, and paper plates in the compost. Note that all paper towel bins in the bathrooms are bins for compostable materials. Use them!


Not compostable- put in the waste bin:
- Plastic-coated or biodegradable-plastic plates
- Plastic utensils
- Single-purpose glasses and cups
- All plastic, even if it is written compostable on




Paper and cardboard

Clean paper and cardboard such as newspapers, magazines, letters and notes go in the appropriately marked bins. You can also put them in your personal or office recycling bin.



If you’re not sure where your waste belongs, don’t take any chances—put it in the waste bin. This bin is also for Styrofoam, code-3-6-7 (and codeless) plastic, plastic bags, plastic utensils, and chip bags.


Returnable Containers

For health reasons, returnable containers are collected with recycled containers at the university. Note, however, that the City of Québec recovers these containers and collects the deposit as a way to help pay for the sorting centre, minimize operating costs paid by the city, and fund projects for developing new recycling channels.




Electronic and Computer Equipment

You are invited to bring your old electronic and computer equipment to the main branch of Coop Zone in the Maurice-Pollack building at any time. The university sends recovered equipment to Atelier Signes d’Espoir, where it is dismantled and the components recycled. The Signes d’Espoir Foundation helps deaf people seeking to re-enter the workforce.

You can also bring your electronic waste (chargers, cables, USB drives, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, ink cartridges, non-confidential CDs and DVDs, etc.) in one of the five Electrobacs on campus:

  • Ferdinand-Vandry: In the lobby near the cafeteria
  • Alphonse-Desjardins: At the entrance to the building opposite the Caisse Desjardins
  • Alexandre-Vachon: At the entrance to the building on the Grande Axe side
  • Charles-De Koninck: In the cafeteria, near the staircase on the same side as the towers
  • PEPS: Opposite the reception, near the stairs on level 1

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