The university wants to raise awareness among the campus community about responsible water use by encouraging the use of water fountains.


Agreement with Food Concessions

The university added new provisions when renewing its food concession agreements. One such provision is that each concession must provide a water fountain and glasses. Contractors are also required to make available (sell) reusable containers and water bottles and to offer a discount to customers who use them.


Public Water Fountains

The university has installed more than 439 water fountains on campus and occasionally carries out campaigns to raise awareness about their use. Administrative units are encouraged to stop using 12 and 18 L jugs to dispense water and to encourage people to drink tap water instead.

The university’s goal is for each individual to make a responsible choice, by encouraging tap water consumption and a reduction in the use of bottled water. Université Laval wants to serve as a testing ground where people can express themselves and experiment with new approaches in sustainable development, including the responsible consumption aspect.


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