UL students and staff members who wish to learn about or further their knowledge of sustainable development are encouraged to attend seminars and presentations or to take part in awareness activities.


Sustainable Christmas Market


To raise awareness among the university community about responsible consumption during the holidays, UL’s sustainable development team holds an annual Sustainable Christmas Market.

The event brings student associations and university groups together to sell local and environmentally friendly products and raise money for their activities and projects. Visitors to the market can also donate non-perishable food and kitchen items, which are distributed to those in greatest need on our campus.

In 2016, 1,800 visitors and 29 exhibitors participated in the Christmas Market. Mark your calendars for this year’s edition: December 5, 2017.




Campus Sustainable Development Tours


The Campus Sustainable Development Tour is a guided tour, about an hour in length, for those who are interested in learning more about sustainable development on campus. These small, lunchtime group tours give participants an inside—and outside—look at UL’s buildings, accompanied by student guides who discuss construction features like green roofs, student projects like the Coop Roue-Libre, and the green spaces that dot the campus.


In addition to the regular tours, guided tours are available on request for student or staff groups, including those who are organizing events or simply want to learn more about the UL campus commitment to sustainable development. Guided tours are also available in English on request. For details, contact


Kitchen Garden


To celebrate its GOLD-level STARS accreditation, the university decided to present the university community with a gift in the form of a kitchen garden, located between the Charles-De Koninck and Jean-Charles-Bonenfant buildings. In summer, members of the university community can visit the garden and pick vegetables and herbs to use at home!





Woodland Cleanup


Every year the university community comes together for the campus woodland cleanup event organized by Building Services. In addition to making the campus more attractive, the initiative unites participants around a shared goal.





Waste Sorting Awareness Blitz


Every year, the cafeterias on campus play host to a two-week waste sorting awareness blitz. Members of the Green Team give a crash course on how to sort waste at the university and reduce waste at the source. A video is also available to highlight the importance of proper sorting.





Other activities related to sustainable development

For more activities related to sustainable development, see the Events Calendar.


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