Ambassadors of sustainable development

Want to get involved in sustainable development on campus? Why not join the green team or team information officers in sustainable development.


Green Team

The Green Team is a group of students who are hired to support awareness activities, theme weeks, environmental challenges, and eco-responsible events.

If you are interested in joining the green team and you have fifteen hours per session to offer, visit us at booth sustainable development at the Rentrée UL.


Receive Green Team services

Organizing an eco-responsible event and want the Green Team to help out? Students on the Green Team can help participants sort waste and sign them up for the greenhouse gas register or for any other event-specific initiative. To reserve the Green Team, email at least three weeks before the event. We can also give your staff a brief training session on waste sorting, if you have your own green team. Contact


Sustainable development information agents

Sustainable development information agents are a very proactive presence on campus, visiting buildings and residences to raise awareness of sustainable development issues. In addition to answering your sustainable development questions, they can provide information about upcoming events and what you can do to help. If you see them, be sure to say hello and ask questions.


Sustainable development guides

Sustainable development guides are available to draw attention to point of interest at Université Laval with regard to sustainable development. Their tours last about an hour and provide information about facilities such as green roofs, student projects like Coop Roue-Libre, and the green spaces and woodlands found on campus.

To become a guide, contact





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