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Health Insurance


Being covered by a health insurance is essential in order to fully enjoy your stay in Canada. 

Québec and Canadian immigration laws require all non-Canadian students to hold a valid health insurance for their entire stay in Canada. Université Laval has negotiated a group insurance policy for all its international students; therefore you will not have to worry about finding the right insurance, you will be covered by a trustworthy Canadian insurance company during your stay with us.


Upon registration, you will be automatically covered by our health insurance. This insurance is mandatory and covers only Université Laval students. Therefore, no private insurance will be accepted as a substitute.


This insurance plan covers medical expenses, hospitalization and prescription drugs. It will be billed to you along with tuition fees according to the length of your stay.


To learn more about the medical coverage offered by Université Laval, visit our website


Withdrawal from Université Laval health insurance

Some students can withdraw from Université Laval mandatory health insurance. These students are those who are citizen of country with which the Government of Québec has entered into a reciprocal social security agreement (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania and Sweden). These students may be eligible for the Québec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ) for free. Therefore, after registration to the Québec plan, they can withdraw from Université Laval plan.

In order to register to the RAMQ, you must provide to the RAMQ specific documents that have to be obtained before coming to Canada. Contact your local health insurance provider for more information.


Complementary insurance «Santé étudiante»

Students enrolled into a program leading to a Université Laval diploma are also automatically registered to an optional dental insurance. This extra insurance, provided by your students associations CADEUL and AELIÉS, is not mandatory. 

The international students covered by the Québec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ) can also subscribe to the Health, Vision and Travel segments of the Santé étudiante insurance as they complement the RAMQ. Students registered to Université Laval mandatory health insurance do not need to register to these segments as a similar protection is already included in their insurance. 

For more information or to add or withdraw from a segment of the Santé étudiante insurance offered by CADEUL or AELIÉS, contact: Santé étudiante (French only).


Insure your family

If members of your immediate family are coming with you to Canada during your studies, they must also be covered by a health insurance. You will find more information on this subject and a list of insurance purveyors here: