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Welcome to Université Laval


Choosing Université Laval for your studies means being part of North America’s first francophone university, with an ultra-modern campus that is internationally acclaimed for its academics and research. In turn, your presence will help enrich our university community in and outside the classroom. Helping you fit into this new environment and succeed academically are our priorities.

As an incoming Université Laval student, you’re no doubt busy getting ready to travel to Canada. Immigration documents, plane tickets, suitcases—so much to plan and do! In this message you will learn about some of the resources and services that are available to help you in your preparations and smooth your way upon arrival and as you adjust to life at UL. Getting off to a good start often helps make the rest of the stay a success.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!


Immigration documents

To study in Canada, you must have the proper immigration documents. You need to have them on hand when you arrive in the country. If you have not already requested them, you must do so immediately. Read more


Health Insurance

Being covered by a health and hospitalization insurance is essential to take full advantage of your study stay in Canada. Québec and Canada immigration laws require foreign students to hold valid health and hospitalization insurance for the duration of their stay in Canada. Read more


Arrival date

To start your stay at UL on the right foot, we recommend arriving a minimum of 5 to 7 days before the semester starts. These free days will allow you to get to know the city and complete all the administrative formalities before your classes kick in. Read more


Cost and budget

A university education is an investment and costs a considerable sum of money. To help you draw up a budget, we offer you a sample student annual budget, and we suggest you to use the tool faistonbudget.ca (French only) to estimate the costs of your stay. Read more


Housing in Québec City

Finding the right place to live will enhance your time at Université Laval. Whether you’re looking for a room on campus or a place in the city, you’ll find helpful advice and information here. Read more 


Registration to your courses

Once you’ve accepted your admission offer, your program administration office will contact you by email at the appropriate time to plan your registration to your courses. Learn more about course registration 


Resources to help you prepare for your stay in Canada

Good preparation is the key to a stress-free arrival and a successful semester. We suggest you start your planning by consulting our international students handbook, which contains a wealth of information on Université Laval and Québec City. Find advices from former international students by visiting the portal Contact Cosmopolite. Read more