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Registration to your courses


ATTENTION: Advance online registration in MonPortail IS NOT AVAILABLE for exchange students in the following programs:

  • International Profile
  • General student exchance agreements and consortium
  • Canada Exchange
  • BCI Exchanges
  • North2North

Registration to your classes will be made AT YOUR ARRIVAL at Université Laval. 


Registration is the action of choosing which training activity (courses, internship, writing a thesis, research, etc.) you will do for the upcoming semester. Once you’ve accepted your admission offer, your program administration office will contact you by email at the appropriate time to plan your registration to your courses. Learn more about course registration (French only).

Preparation for your registration for the upcoming semester is done in monPortail. Preparation for your registration does not guaranty a place in a course. You must register during the course registration period to confirm your place in a course.

The moment when you can register to your courses depends on your level of study (cycle) and the number of credits you have completed at Université Laval. Online registration begins:

  • Summer 2019 semester: 27 March 2019
  • Fall 2019 semester : 8 April 2019
  • Winter 2020 semester : 14 November 2019

If you plan to arrive after the first day of class, you must take an agreement with your program administration office beforehand.