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Resources to help you prepare for your stay in Canada


What should Ipack? What will the weather be like? What are the things to see and do? Where can I get a phone, a car or find housing? Will I be able to work while studying? What does it cost to live in Québec City?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in the various guides and websites made available to you by Université Laval. 


To start, consult the International Student’s Handbook and the Living in Québec City section of the Bureau de la vie étudiante website,where you’ll find a gold mine of pertinent information. You’ll receive a paper copy of the handbook during your UL orientation and information session—keep it handy throughout your stay.


Costs and budget

A university education is an investment and costs a considerable sum of money. To help you draw up a budget, we offer you a sample budget, and we suggest you to use the tool faistonbudget.ca (French only) to estimate the costs of your stay.

To help you compare average costs of goods and services between your city and Quebec City, we suggest you to use the Cost of Living Comparison NUMBEO.


Contact Cosmopolite (French only)

Contact Cosmopolite is the portal of the international community of Université Laval and is a place for meetings and exchanges. International students can access them, among other things, to share their academic experience, which can be a good tool to help you prepare for your departure. Note that the portal is only in French.

On the portal you will find the section Espace étudiant, which allows you to get in touch with other international or Quebec students who currently study at Université Laval.

If you still have questions, contact the international student advisors of the Bureau de la vie étudiante at etudiantsetrangers@bve.ulaval.ca.