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Perspectives de recherche pour étudiants

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des offres de Post-Doctorats, de Doctorats et de Maîtrises disponibles au sein des différents projets du programme de recherche Sentinelle Nord.

Des bourses de recherche sont disponibles pour plusieurs de ces offres.

Pour obtenir davantage d'information ou pour postuler, vous devez contacter directement la direction du projet, dont les adresses courriel sont disponibles sous la colonne « Équipe de direction ».

Veuillez noter que les informations qui sont répertoriées sur cette page constituent une liste non-exhaustive construite grâce à la participation volontaire des chercheurs.


Offres de Post-Doctorats

AjoutéTitre du projet de rechercheÉquipe de directionSous-projetDiscipline(s)Début
2017-06Complex Network AnalysisLouis J. Dubé, Daniel Fortin1.1 2017-09
2017-06Development of novel molecular microbiology techniques for pathogen detectionCaetano Dorea, Alexander Culley, Manuel Rodriguez, Steve Charette1.3 2017-05
2017-06Design and performance assessment of photonic sensorsSophie Larochelle, Richard Fortier1.4Génie: électrique ou physique 
2017-06Supporting PhD1 and PhD2 in design of sensor networks, organizes field deploymentsLeslie Rusch, Sophie Larochelle, Younès Messaddeq1.5 
2017-06Design and test the underwater fibre-optic irradiance measurement and logging systemSophie Larochelle, Warwick Vincent2.2Physique/génie électrique2017-07
2017-06Radiative transfer modelling using Monte-Carlo methods: towards a better understanding of light-matter interaction in diffusive mediumPhilippe Després, Daniel Côté, Pierre Marquet, Marcel Babin2.4  
2017-06Design and validate innovative LiDAR approaches for remote sensing of biologically active substratesMichel Piché, Philippe Archambault, Eric Rehm2.7Physique/optique2017-09
2017-06Modeling the overall impacts of changing local marine food characteristics on Inuit food security, health and well-being Mélanie Lemire, Frédéric Maps, Michel Lucas3.3 2018-09
2017-06Gut mechanisms of the relation between lifestyle, xenobiotics and mental health in Inuit youth from NunavikGina Muckle, Richard Bélanger, Michel Bergeron3.62017-09
2017-06Novel technologies to evaluate mental health of Inuit youth from NunavikPierre Marquet, Marc Hébert, Gina Muckle, Richard Bélanger 3.62017-09
2017-06Meta-genomics, meta-transcriptomics and epigenetics analysesPaul De Koninck, Daniel Côté3.7  


Offres de Doctorats

AjoutéTitre du projet de rechercheÉquipe de directionSous-projetDiscipline(s)Début
2017-06Caribou as an umbrella species Daniel FortinMarcel Darveau, Mark Hebblewhite1.1Écologie, géomatique2017-09
2017-06Indicator insects, birds and plants Daniel FortinMarcel Darveau, Christian Hébert1.1Écologie, géomatique2017-09
2017-06Null Model Analysis Louis-Paul Rivest, Frédéric Maps1.1Statistique, mathématiques2017-05
2017-06Experimental work on the Zebrafish and modelizationPaul De Koninck, Simon Hardy1.2Bioinformatique2017-09
2017-06Data analysis and dynamical modelizationNicolas Doyon, Daniel Côté1.2Neurosciences, statistique2017-09
2017-06Analysis of Water and Energy Budgets in a Subarctic Experimental WatershedFlorent Dominé, Daniel Nadeau1.3Génie, physique, géographie2018-05
2017-06Numerical modelling of permafrost thaw and land surface-groundwater interactionsJohn Molson1.3Hydrogéologie, génie civil, génie géologique2017-09
2017-06Construction of a Hydrological Surface Model for Forest Tundra Applications in Northern CanadaFrançois Anctil, René Therrien1.3Hydrométéorologie 
2017-06Time-lapse monitoring of ground surface dynamics in degrading permafrost environments with adaptive cameras Tigran Galstian, Richard FortierDany Dumont1.4 
2017-06Developing low-power, wireless-enabled, fiber-optic linearly-distributed sensorsSophie LarochelleYounès Messaddeq1.5Génie physique, génie électrique, physique 
2017-06Developing new, compact, wireless/fiber sensors for communities and remote data collectionLeslie Rusch, Michel Allard1.5  
2017-06Validation of infra-red imagery and design of image processing systems to monitor animals under the snowXavier Maldague, Gilles GauthierTigran Galstian2.2Physique, génie électrique, génie informatique2017-09
2017-06Collect, analyse and interpret biological data obtained by camera collars attached to caribouSteeve Côté, Martin Bernier2.2Biologie2017-09
2017-06Develop and use diffraction optical tomography techniques to provide structural information about biological cells and tissuesPierre Marquet, Philippe Després2.4  
2017-06Design and Implementation of an Implantable Probe for In Vivo Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy in Rodent Cerebral CortexPierre Marquet2.4  
2017-06Analyze, model and validate the LiDAR signature of time-evolving geomorphological and ice substratesPatrick Lajeunesse, Eric RehmJens Ehn2.7Géologie2017-09
2017-06Test the usability of real-time feedback to assist health professionals in patient assessment François Routhier, Philippe Archambault2.8  
2017-06Intégration de capteurs EMG et de mouvement dédiées au vêtement intelligentBenoit GosselinYounès Messaddeq, Laurent Bouyer2.8  
2017-06Isolation and characterization of Arctic bacteria and phages, phage host dynamics, host resistanceAlexander CulleySylvain Moineau3.2  
2017-06Data analytics and integration for multi-omic aspect of nordic environment. Develop software to integrate data and classify phenotypes.Including geospatial aspect.François Laviolette, Thierry Badard3.2  
2017-06Designing the preliminary lab-based platform followed by the design and commissioning of the field-deployable instrument Jean Ruel, André Bégin-Drolet3.4Génie mécanique2017-09
2017-06Respiratory microbiota and respiratory healthFrançois Maltais, Marc Ouellette3.5 
2017-06Burden and diversity of respiratory microbiote and its link with gut microbioteBarbara PapadopoulouMarc Ouellette3.5 
2017-06Microbial exposure in northern homesCaroline Duchaine, Benoit Gingras3.5  
2017-06Environmental adversity and the gut microbioma in the Nunavik Inuit youthRichard Bélanger, Michel G. Bergeron3.62017-09
2017-06Electroretinogram as a biosignature of youth mental health among Inuit from NunavikMarc Hébert, Chantal Mérette3.62017-09
2017-06Gut microbiome and neuronal resilience to stressorsPierre Marquet, Gina Muckle3.62017-09
2017-06Establishment of optogenetics measurements in developing zebrafish brainPaul De Koninck, Daniel Côté3.7 2017-01
2017-06Development of the light-inducible CRISPR-Cas9 technology and the testing of light-dependent growth induction/inhibitionSylvain Moineau, Marie-Ève Paquet3.7  
2017-06Development of the multispectral imaging of the microbiotaDaniel CôtéSylvain MoineauPaul De Koninck3.7  
2017-06Meta-genomics, meta-transcriptomics and epigenetics analysesNicolas DeromeAlexander CulleyArnaud Droit3.7  
2017-06Gut brain analysis in the development of CMD and MHD diseasesDenis Richard, Patrick Mathieu3.8 2017-05


Offres de Maîtrises

AjoutéTitre du projet de rechercheÉquipe de directionSous-projetDiscipline(s)Début
2017-06Work towards conducting an overall portrait of the drinking water quality situation and health related issues in selected Northern communitiesCaetano Dorea, Patrick Levallois, Manuel Rodriguez, Benoît Levesque1.3 2018-05
2017-06Validate and field test appropriate methods to treat/store drinking water according to the issues identified in the MSc2 projectCaetano DoreaPatrick LevalloisManuel RodriguezBenoît Levesque1.3 2019-01
2017-06Field application of developed methodCaetano DoreaAlexander CulleyManuel Rodriguez, Steve Charette1.3  
2017-06Signal processing of sensor signals from distributed fiber optic sensing systems (see PhD1 research project) Jean-Daniel Deschênes, Martin Bernier, Richard Fortier1.4 2017-07
2017-06Developing a data handling methodology to monitor and assess risks for linear transportation infrastructures based on distributed sensingGuy Doré, Michel Allard1.5  
2017-06Developing a data handling methodology to monitor and assess risks for linear transportation infrastructures based on distributed sensingGuy DoréMichel Allard1.5  
2017-06Collect, analyse and interpret biological data obtained by cameras deployed in the field under the snowGilles Gauthier, Tigran Galstian, Xavier Maldague2.2Biologie2018-06
2017-06Analyse and interpret snow data obtained in the field using the newly developed technologyFlorent Dominé, Simon Thibault2.2 2018-09
2017-06Theoretical calculationsPaul Johnson, Mario Leclerc2.5  
2017-06Development of algorithms and data analysis of full waveform LIDAR returns, optimizing for detection and quantification of range and biomassMichel PichéPhilippe ArchambaultEric Rehm2.7Physique, optique2017-06
2017-06Increase spatial, spectral and temporal resolution of the underwater substrate targetsMichel PichéEric Rehm2.7Physique, optique2017-09
2017-06Acceptability of the technologies by end-users (Northern populations/workers) using questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and involved in conducting educational and co-design workshops. Andréanne Blanchette, Marie-Pierre Gagnon2.8  
2017-06Development of a microfluidics environmental sensing system for model biofilms with Arctic cyanobacteriaJesse Greener, Warwick Vincent3.1Chimie2017-09
2017-06Skin and gut microbiomes of Arctic char and analysis of a model systemNicolas DeromeAlexander Culley3.1Biologie2017-09
2017-06Accumulation of lipids and trophic markers in zooplankton and benthosPhilippe Archambault, Louis Fortier3.3 2017-09
2017-06Contaminants, stable isotopes, selenoneine and related cardiometabolic and neurologic health outcomes in InuitPierre AyotteMélanie Lemire3.3Santé environnementale2018-05
2017-06Effects on Inuit physical and mental health of the carotenoids and lipids contained in marine foodsMichel Lucas3.3Santé environnementale2018-05
2017-06Nutritional qualities of local marine foods and biomarkers of marine foods in InuitMélanie Lemire, Mike Hammil3.3Santé environnementale2018-05
2017-06Designing the interface, the data managing systems, and the knowledge user tools André Bégin-DroletMélanie LemireGina MucklePierre Ayotte3.4Génie mécanique2018-05
2017-06 Impact of cigarette smoke and circadian cycles on the respiratory microbiotaMathieu Morissette, Roxane Paulin3.5  
2017-06The pulmonary immune response to bioaerosol components found in the northern homesDavid Marsolais, Caroline Duchaine3.5  
2017-06Development of the light-inducible CRISPR-Cas9 technology and the testing of light-dependent growth induction/inhibitionSylvain Moineau, Marie-Ève Paquet3.7  
2017-06Development of integrated optics and microstructures for enhanced fluorescence light collection efficiencyDaniel Côté, Denis Boudreau3.8Biophotonique, génie physique2019
2017-06Design of Raman sensors for in vivo monitoring of microbiome metabolitesDenis Boudreau, André Marette3.8Biophotonique, génie physique, chimie2017-05
2017-06Development of non-standard optical fibers for Sensor-in-Fiber probe designYounès MessaddeqDenis Boudreau3.8Chimie, génie physique2017-05

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