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André Kabasele Mukenge

Rector, Université Notre-Dame du Kasayi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Honorary Doctorate in Theology

As Rector of a university that is still quite new, André Kabasele has paired a teaching career with an extraordinary commitment to university education in a country where education is not always a government priority. He believes strongly than even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Gilles Routhier
Dean, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

André Kabasele Mukenge serves as a priest in the Archdiocese of Kananga and is already well known for the outstanding quality of his scientific work in the universities of Europe and Africa, where he is often invited. He is also widely published in both German and French. Mr. Kabasele is an eminent representative of emerging African theology who stands out for the originality of his thinking, the quantity and quality of his writings, and the international recognition he has received.

His active engagement, first as dean of the Faculty of Theology in Kinshasa at a time when his country was in the throes of a grave social and political crisis, then as rector of a young university in a region ravaged by violence, is a testament to his deep conviction that education is essential to the emancipation and liberation of communities and people. Professor Kabasele has always connected his scientific work to his social and cultural environment, never separating his theological practice from the needs of society and fruitful dialogue between the Christian tradition and African culture. While rooted in his African homeland, his research is fertilized by his contacts abroad, in particular with Europe.

André Kabasele’s university career has combined teaching, research, and governance of a faculty and a university. He is an active participant in national and international networks and a member of scientific and scholarly journal committees. His remarkable teaching career is paired with an extraordinary commitment to university education in a country where education is not always a government priority. He carries the unshakeable conviction that even a journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step. That is what gives him hope.

“After the pleasant surprise of the announcement, I felt peace and comfort to know I had been heard and understood. For an intellectual, that feeling is worth far more than any honour or simple pride. It is the satisfaction of an objective achieved, a task accomplished.”

André Kabasele Mukenge