Université Laval will provide a distinctive and memorable student experience in symbiosis with new technology and enriched by experimentation. Students will have access to a comprehensive ecosystem designed to boost skill development through increased opportunities for partnership- and research-based projects, internships, simulations, and explorations. The campus will be a space for meeting and interacting where digital tools go hand in hand with a student-centred approach fostering an active and revamped style of learning. Université Laval will assist and support its learners throughout their lives—from the moment they establish their first contact (in Québec City or abroad) or first set foot on campus to when they come back mid-career for additional training. And we will provide this support in an inclusive and egalitarian environment where respect and tolerance prevail over all forms of sexual violence and harassment.




Enrich the student experience

We will make the student community central to the university experience by reviewing our programs to ensure they offer distinctive hands-on training across the board.

We will offer more short training options adapted to individual needs. We will innovate and be flexible in order to create a rich, stimulating, and integrated experience, beginning from students' first contact with the University and continuing through every stage of their lives.


Systemize training by experience
  • Integrate experiential learning in all programs
  • Strengthen the development of transferable skills
  • Strengthen the development of interdisciplinary training
  • Encourage student activities that foster social, cultural, and academic integration
Improve the range of training provided
  • Enhance the undergraduate student research experience
  • Support educational innovation
  • Accelerate the creation of training programs
Enhance the physical and virtual environment
  • Revise the physical and virtual campus development plan
  • Establish a Student Life Centre and make other student and educational spaces more attractive
  • Develop residences that meet the needs of international students and student parents

Increase internationalization

We will establish academic pathways that improve access to international mobility, global discovery, and contact with other cultures. We will step up international recruitment and improve the support provided to students—from immigration through to graduation—while helping to ensure their smooth and successful integration into the job market. We will work in partnership with Québec City, a university city of exceptional potential with numerous top-notch partners. Because knowledge changes the world, Université Laval will facilitate international networking and global partnerships.


Recruit globally and attract the best international students in conjunction with partners in the greater Québec City area
  • Step up recruitment to attract the best students
  • Work with the regional community to promote Québec City internationally as an education destination of choice
  • Establish a Citizens of the World Fund to recruit more international students and support student initiatives at the international level
Welcome, integrate, and help international students on their path to success
  • Improve integration and academic support initiatives
  • Support international students throughout their university education, from immigration through to graduation
  • Improve the workplace integration of international students
Support international mobility and the internationalization of curricula
  • Internationalize the curricula through partnerships,including more joint diploma programs
  • Improve outbound mobility by increasing the number of students who graduate with international experience
  • Include training and research in our international cooperation agreements
Develop capacity-building international research collaborations
  • Implement an international research development plan
  • Internationalize research efforts by developing new strategic ties with leading universities
  • Facilitate international networking between researchers in complementary fields and create capacity-building research entities
  • Create a round table on international development

Attract and support people in their lifelong learning

We must build bridges to the largest possible pool of learners, regardless of their background and experience. We must be creative in the way we recruit, integrate, and support students in their lifelong learning by adapting to their needs.


Increase lifelong learning portunities in order to meet the changing needs of the job market and people's various professional, cultural, and civic needs
  • Work with university faculties to provide a broader, more sustained range of lifelong learning opportunities
  • Define new revenue and cost models for non-credit courses and increase promotional efforts with a view to improving UL's economic resilience
  • Diversify lifelong learning opportunities through the use of digital tools, flexible schedules, new content, and new educational approaches
  • Define and promote lifelong learning in partnership with the regional community and other educational institutions

Embrace the digital revolution

We must equip our campus with innovative digital tools inspired by the smart cities movement and the 4th industrial revolution in order to offer state-of-the-art services. The use of digital tools will enhance every aspect of the academic and research experience.


Develop and implement a digital plan
  • Establish a digitally focused innovation process as part of campus 4.0
  • Establish appropriate governance for implementation of the digital plan
Assume our position as a digital leader
  • Develop and implement the digitization and societies profile
  • Promote convergence between digital technology and research
  • Support community partners in the digital transformation

Support equity, diversity, and inclusion

We will celebrate diversity in all its forms by promoting a climate of equity, respect, and inclusion and by building an environment free of sexual violence and harassment. The University will set a benchmark by providing a healthy environment that values respect and equality.


Strengthen our ability to live together
  • Create and promote opportunities for intercultural exchange
  • Promote training focused on cultures and civilizations
  • Develop initiatives to promote harmonious co-existence and celebrate diversity
Enhance measures to support equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Promote inclusive recruitment practices
  • Adapt our rules and policies to the needs of student parents
  • Establish training and prevention programs on equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Implement the Canada Research Chairs Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan
Build a respectful and safe environment that is free of sexual violence and harassment
  • Enhance our strategy to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence
  • Support prevention and the fight against sexual harassment and violence
Facilitate handling of complaints and reports and conflict resolution
  • Develop an effective complaints management and investigation framework and a one-stop system to report problems and conflicts
  • Establish dispute prevention and settlement mechanisms