Inspiring projects that will make us better


Initiatives for the future

Train engaged leaders to tackle the major challenges facing society.

  • Develop ground-breaking interdisciplinary and partnership-based academic and research initiatives to address critical social and global challenges.
  • Call for projects that mobilize all faculties to develop learning paths based on major social issues rather than specific disciplines.
  • Instil a new paradigm regarding the role of university education in providing the skills students need to be successful leaders.




Learning through experience

Rethink education. Make it an active endeavour that embraces both a digital and a human approach.

  • Presenting the full range of experience-based learning options showcases the importance of the campus experience.
  • The dynamic give-and-take of experience-based education will create unparalleled learning opportunities enhanced by partnerships with the community.
  • Classroom, internship, and on-the-job learning opportunities for everyone, no matter what the discipline.

Institut nordique du Québec

Establish a world-class institute to promote research excellence for the benefit of communities.

  • Mobilize the world’s top talent in northern and Arctic research to meet the pressing scientific challenges facing northern societies.
  • Build the Institut nordique du Québec research pavilion, a groundbreaking facility dedicated to the North.
  • Establish network sharing infrastructure to ensure access to exceptional physical and scientific resources.

Fonds Citoyens du monde

Strengthen international mobility and student engagement in the world.

  • The standard-bearer for a new generation of globally minded students committed to transforming society.
  • A sustainable and hopeful approach to living better together.
  • A fund dedicated in equal measure to international student recruitment and UL student mobility.

UL Recognition

Motivated, engaged, and inspiring—recognizing the true value of University staff.

  • A brand new recognition activity.
  • Spreading the word on the achievements of dedicated members of the university community devoted to our mission.
  • A tradition in the making to celebrate staff commitment and engagement.

From silos to networks

The power of a university community driven by a network-based approach.

  • A new dynamic of cooperation between units, faculties, and departments for greater efficiency in the pursuit of our mission.
  • Modern tools to streamline the flow of knowledge.
  • Leveraging the synergy between the university community and its many partners to enhance our academic and research offerings.