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By enrolling in this online course, I agree to comply with the following honour code:

  • I will use only one user account to access the course.
  • I will complete the examinations by myself, without any help from others.
  • I will not use anybody else’s work or part of another’s work, in violation of the provisions of the Copyright Act.
  • I will not reveal or disseminate, in any manner, questions and answers to the examinations.  
  • I will not take part in dishonest activities intended to improve my results or to lower the results of other course participants.


The participants in this course are strongly encouraged to:

  • Cooperate with the other participants in the understanding of the educational material shared on the course’s website. 
  • Discuss the general concepts related to the course’s educational material with other participants.
  • Propose ideas, provide commentaries and criticize the content of themes of the course or related themes.
  • Provide commentaries and suggestions about possible means to improve this distance learning course.