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Participation in the learning activities and completion and achievement of the evaluations are mandatory to obtain the Certificate of Achievement awarded by Université Laval.


The deadlines for completing the learning activities and submitting the evaluations must be respected. No extensions will be granted for any reason.

All the information regarding the deadlines is provided on the Nanoprogramme training website and its description page.

Form of Evaluations

Depending on the Nanoprogrammes, the evaluation activity may be an authentic project in your workplace, providing you with added value by receiving feedback and expert advice on a real-life situation.

Other evaluation methods may also be offered. Information about the evaluation can be found on the training website.

Evaluation Procedures

Completing the evaluation at the end of each Nanoprogramme course (one, two or three, depending on the Nanoprogramme) is a prerequisite to continuing in the Nanoprogramme. All the information regarding evaluation procedures, passing grades, or requests for grade reviews can be found on the training website.