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What is a Nanoprogramme?

The unique experience of Nanoprogrammes combines training, networking, and collaboration with experts to support you in completing a practical project to address an emerging challenge in your professional workplace.

Nanoprogramme Structure

The Nanoprogramme exists between regular credit programs and continuing education offerings. On the one hand, its structure is based on the standards and practices related to university credits (one credit = 45 hours). On the other hand, registration, payment, and certification follow the logic of continuing education.

Nanoprogrammes provide flexibility in duration, accessibility, content, pace, and recognition.

Project in the Professional Context

All learning and assessment activities in the Nanoprogrammes are focused on the participant's completion of a project tailored to their professional environment. This unique and highly practical aspect of the training is a significant advantage of Nanoprogrammes. By receiving expert guidance and feedback at different project stages, participants develop skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to create a concrete plan and real solutions to address a situation in their workplace.

Duration and Workload

The completion of a full Nanoprogramme takes place over 5 to 12 months. The program calendar is tailored to the realities of different professional sectors and considers the favourable periods for training throughout the year.

The total duration of a Nanoprogramme is either 45, 90, or 135 hours, including learning activities and completing the project within your professional context. The workload typically amounts to 2 to 4 hours per week.

Please refer to the course description page for more specific information on the program calendar and workload.

Nanoprogramme Curriculum

Nanoprogrammes are divided into training courses, each lasting 45 hours. Therefore, depending on whether it is 45, 90, or 135 hours, a Nanoprogramme will consist of 1, 2, or 3 courses.

  • 45 hours = one 45-hour course
  • 90 hours = two 45-hour courses
  • 135 hours = three 45-hour courses

Each 45-hour course offers a series of lessons with learning and assessment activities. The dates for each course can be found in the program calendar on the Nanoprogramme description page.


Successful completion of the Nanoprogramme leads to a Certificate of Achievement endorsed by Université Laval. Recognized by employers and professional organizations, this official certification indicates the acquired skills or achieved learning outcomes during the Nanoprogramme and the completed training hours.