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Registrar's Office

418 656-3006 
1 877 785-2825 
Opening hours

How to pay

Avoid lineups by paying your tuition online through your financial institution’s website.

See the different payment methods.

Electronic invoice

Your electronic invoice will be placed in your student file in Capsule under:

  • “Renseignements sur les études” (registration, tuition fees)
    • ”Droits de scolarité” (account details, invoice, and account statement)

You will receive confirmation that the tuition fee invoice has been placed in your student file through your email address as well as important messages in monPortail.

Approximate date at which the tuition fee invoice is available in the student’s account

  • Fall semester: September 25
  • Winter semester: February 1
  • Summer semester: May 25

Payment deadlines

You are responsible for paying your tuition fees by the due date.

  • Fall semester: October 15 or the due date on your invoice
  • Winter semester: February 15 or the due date on your invoice
  • Summer semester: June 15 or the due date on your invoice

After this date, a 3% administrative fee will be added to any outstanding balance.

Note that any balance owing will prevent you from registering for future semesters until the balance is paid in full.

Course withdrawal with refund

You must drop a course before the deadline set by the Registrar’s Office or you will be charged full tuition and other fees for the course.