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Armed intrudor or active shooter


Life-threatening situations
Call 911

Immediate assistance from Security (SSP)

Dial extension 555
Call 418 656-5555
Pick up a red phone

How to respond to an armed individual or active shooter

In the presence of an individual or group armed with firearms, knives, explosives, or other weapons that is threatening the lives and safety of otherssave your life!

Analyze the situation and choose the best option according to your location, the circumstances, and your proximity to the assailant. Continue to assess the situation, your surroundings, and your options. Choose the most suitable action among those described below.

Other information and instructions

  • Don’t voluntarily pull a file alarm pull station (red case) to alert people to the presence of an armed individual or active shooter, since evacuating may not be the best option for everyone and may put people in harm’s way.
  • When the police arrive, stay calm and don’t make any sudden movements. Put your hands in the air and follow the instructions of the authorities.
  • The law forbids the presence of weapons and fake weapons in university spaces. If you see a weapon, you must report it by calling 911.