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Hold and secure


Life-threatening situations
Call 911

Immediate assistance from Security (SSP)

Dial extension 555
Call 418 656-5555
Pick up a red phone

Hold and secure is a measure designed to protect people from physical danger and keep people on campus out of harm’s way. 

The measure can be deployed in an emergency situation that happens off-campus and doesn’t directly target Université Laval, but could move to campus (active shooter or armed individual near the campus, violent protect moving toward the campus, etc.). Everyone on campus must stay safe inside a building until the situation outside is under control and the danger has passed.

How to hold and secure

  • Stay inside the building where you are when the measure is initiated
  • If you’re outside, go into the nearest building
  • Tell the people you meet
  • Stay in a safe place, avoiding doors, windows, and high-visibility areas with lots of glass
  • Ongoing activities are maintained, but follow the notifications on the current situation and stay alert
  • If the situation becomes a direct threat to people on campus, a lockdown measure could be ordered by authorities
  • Stay calm and patient, this measure can last several hours
  • Wait for the emergency advisory to end before leaving the building

Are the outer doors of the building locked?

In some situations, the outer doors of the building will need to be locked, but in others they will need to stay unlocked so that people outside can come in. In either case, move away from open areas, stay in a safe place, secure and protect your immediate surroundings, and continue to wait for new instructions.