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Admission Requirements

A Master’s degree (or equivalent as recognized by Université Laval) in Biology or a subject closely related to selected graduate work.

High Academic Achievement: The minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is 3.0  out of a possible 4.33.

Proficiency in French/English: Proficiency in either French or English is required.

  • The doctoral exam (Semester 2) can be taken in English.
  • Courses are offered in French, however they may be taken in the 2nd or 3rd year
  • Most professors accept essays and contributions in English.

Other requirements: Please note that students cannot enter the PhD program until the MSc degree has been awarded, or all requirements completed.

Program Requirements

Compulsory Courses (3 credits)

  • Présentation de projet (Project proposal)
  • Séminaire de doctorat (Doctoral seminar)

Complementary Courses (5 credits)

  • To be chosen from graduate courses in life science recommended by the supervisor.

Doctoral Exam (1 credit)

  • Oral examination on 3 pre-defined subjects.
  • The exam is taken on the 2nd semester and, if needed, again at the latest in the 3rd semester.

Thesis (81 credits)

Research Areas

  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Marine Biology & Oceanography
  • Genomics
  • Integrative Biology

Soutien financier - Bourses au doctorat

Steps Amount*
 Semester 1: Foreign students scholarship I $1000
Semester 2 : Foreign students scholarship II $1000
Semester 3: Scholarship 1  (Project proposal) $500
Semester 4: Scholarship 2 (if progress satisfactory)   $500
Semester 5: Scholarship 3 (if progress satisfactory) $500
Semester 6: Scholarship 4 (if progress satisfactory) $500
Semester 7: Scholarship 5 (if progress satisfactory) $500
Semester 8: Scholarship 6 (if progress satisfactory) $500
Semester 9: Scholarship 7 (if progress satisfactory) $500
Semester 2: Doctoral exam (if passed) $750
Semester X: Seminar 1 $1000
Semester <15: Publication  (1st article submitted) $750
Semester <15 : Communication (2nd  article submitted or oral presentation at a conference) $1000
Semester <15: Thesis (1st version submitted) $1500

 * All amounts are in Canadian dollars.


Frederic MAPS

Expertise in arctic marine ecosystems, plankton ecology, bio-physical interactions, numerical modelling, numerical ecology, algorithm development and optimization.