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Admission Requirements

A Master’s degree (or equivalent as recognized by Université Laval) in a discipline related to biochemistry and to cellular/molecular biology. The program director may require an additional complementary education based on previous preparation.

High Academic Achievement: The minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is 3.33 out of 4.33.

Proficiency in French/English should be sufficient 

  • Note that Université Laval is a French-language institution.
  • In addition to knowledge of French, it is desirable that the candidate have at least a good understanding of written English.
  • An excellent knowledge of English is required for candidates who are not fluent in French.
  • Teaching is given in French, work and exams are written in French or English
  • Before giving its approval, the research director will verify the candidate's proficiency in French and/or English with its language tests results (TOEFL / TOEIC or TFI) or by exchanges via e-mail, phone or Internet (Skype).

Other requirements: Please note that students cannot enter the PhD program until the MSc degree has been awarded, or all requirements completed.

Program Requirements

Compulsory Courses (2 credits)

  • Doctoral seminar (1 credit)
  • Doctoral exam (1 credit)
  • Oral and written evaluation by the fourth semester
  • Available in English

Complementary Courses (5 credits)

  • Some courses available in English
  • To be determined with the research director

Thesis (83 credits)

  • Available in English

Research Areas

  • Molecular and cellular functioning of cancer and other diseases
  • Genetics
  • Gene expression
  • Regulation of the structural and functional organization of the cell
  • Intracellular signaling
  • Regenerative medicine

Financial Support - Doctoral Funding

The research director will follow the financial plan proposed by the UL/CSC scholarship by supporting the equivalent of Quebec student tuition fees.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Medicine offers a financial support plan of CDN$8,000 for PhD students who successfully complete the five financial support plan steps. To have the money, the student has to complete each step in time. Please note that this faculty financial plan can be modified at any time.



Expertise in eye melanoma, hypoxia, 3D tissue model, epigenetics.