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Biostatistics is at the strategic intersection of two major fields of innovation that will continue to develop in the coming decades: data analysis (statistics) and health sciences. You will master a variety of statistical methods used in the fields of population health, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and the environment.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a master’s degree in biostatistics, or an equivalent degree.

Applicants with a master's degree in statistics, mathematics, epidemiology, actuarial science, or an equivalent degree may be eligible.

Applicants must have a grade point average of at least 3.33 out of 4.33 or the equivalent as recognized by Université Laval. 

French proficiency

The language of instruction at Université Laval is French. A good knowledge of written and spoken French is then essential.

Applicants who have graduated from a non-French-language university and whose mother tongue is not French must have obtained a score of at least 591 out of 990 on the International French Test (TFI). Applicants must have taken the test less than two years before applying and must include official proof of their test score with their application.

English proficiency

Although knowledge of English is not a prerequisite for admission, students must be able to read and understand texts in English to successfully complete this program; in many courses, specialized documentation is mainly, if not exclusively, in English. Students must ensure that they have a good understanding of English and, if necessary, take steps to improve their language skills during their studies (for example at Université Laval’s School of Langugages).

Research Areas

  • Epidemiological studies
  • Genetics and genomics
  • Survivorship analysis
  • Longitudinal and dependent data
  • Causal inference


Please refer to the Faculty of Medicine and Department of Mathematics and Statistics websites for a full list of professors and their research areas. (in French only)