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Living in Canada

With its vast open spaces, North American lifestyle, and friendly welcoming people, Canada stands out for its quality of life and top-notch universities. You will discover the perfect place to live and study: a peaceful society set in a magnificent natural environment.

Safe community

Canada is a safe and stable country. Its quality of life is one of the best in the world, with very low crime rates, even in its largest cities. Human rights and equality are values shared by Canadians and help create a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Education quality

By studying in Canada, you will benefit from a superior quality education at a reasonable cost compared to most major American cities. You will learn from renowned professors on state-of-the-art campuses and obtain a diploma recognized around the world in the business community and in government and academic circles.

Innovative Research

Research is a major part of a Canadian university education. You will find numerous innovative research opportunities in cutting-edge fields such as telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, IT, environmental science, and engineering.

An open, multicultural society

Canada is multicultural, open, and welcoming society where almost all ethnic groups are represented. It is easy to integrate, and you will have no trouble seeking out activities from your culture, joining associations, and finding familiar food.