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Program benefits

Université Laval offers many options for enhancing and enriching your studies. Enjoy access to unique specialized expertise, acquire hands-on experience, or add a special profile or international exchange to your degree—just some of many ways for you to adapt your studies to your specific goals and interests.

Programs unique to ULaval

Université Laval is a pioneer in a number of disciplines and is the only university in Québec, sometimes Canada, to offer certain programs in science and engineering, business administration, agriculture and food sciences, humanities, forestry, geography and geomatics, and the arts.

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DEC-BAC and bridge options

DEC-BAC and bridge agreements between Québec colleges and ULaval enable you to earn credits from your technical college program and apply them toward your undergraduate degree if you’re studying in the same field. These agreements help reduce the cost and, in many cases, the duration of your studies. 

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Programs with a strong SD focus

Sustainability principles and concepts are more present than ever in ULaval teaching and learning activities and have been incorporated into the content of nearly 400 courses. ULaval is constantly striving to strengthen its SD educational offerings and promote itself as a local and international centre for learning in SD, especially in the French-speaking world.

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Study profiles

Make your education pay off even more by choosing one of ULaval’s 5 special student profiles: sustainable development, honours, entrepreneurial, international, and research. When you complete your studies, you’ll receive a diploma inscribed with the profile you took and attesting to the skills you acquired along the way.

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Internships and hands-on training

Over 90% of ULaval undergraduate programs include mandatory or optional, often paid, internships. These opportunities allow you to become familiar with professional practices in your field of study, learn by doing, and gain experience and knowledge. 

International mobility

ULaval is a leader in international mobility and provides countless opportunities to study or do an internship abroad. Every year through agreements with some 575 institutions of higher learning and various organizations in 57 countries, ULaval sends more than 900 students (in normal context) to study abroad and welcomes more than 9,000 international students to the Québec City campus.

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Distance learning

With over 150 distance learning programs and 2,000 credited online courses, you can study from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the same level of education, write your exams close to home, and balance your studies, work and personal life.

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French language immersion

You can start an undergraduate program at Université Laval no matter what your proficiency level is in French. Courses to improve and perfect your knowledge of the language are integrated into your program under the French Immersion Pathway option. What’s more, you enjoy significant savings on tuition fees for French as a second language classes when beginning your university studies.

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