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Student Exchanges

Exchanges Canada


This exchange programs gives students in selected programs at Canadian universities the opportunity to spend one or two semesters in an equivalent program at Université Laval. Exchange agreements are concluded directly between program administrators at Université Laval and other Canadian universities.



Advantages for students of our partner institution:


  • Partner institutions are responsible for selecting students to participate in exchanges at Université Laval. Once selected, students are generally admitted to UL without any other formalities.

  • Partner institutions ensure that students receive the attention they need and assign academic advisors to help them comfortably settle into their programs of study.

  • An intensive, five-week French as a Second Language summer immersion program is available for non-francophone students at École de langues de l’Université Laval (ELUL). There is no tuition, but an activity fee applies.

  • Students are guaranteed a room in residence on campus if they reserve by the deadline (October 1 for the winter semester, June 1 for the fall semester).


The application process

For exchange students applying under a general protocol open to all Université Laval programs rather than a specific field of study, admission is not guaranteed. These applications are assessed by the director of the program applied for. It is critical that prospective students indicate their desired program and level of studies (graduate or undergraduate) carefully to ensure their application is duly processed. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Space in exchange programs is limited. The partner institutions decide together on the number of students to admit to the program.

The application package must include the following:


  • The completed application form, signed by an official at the student’s home institution. Admission packages will be sent to the person in charge of student exchanges named on the application form.

  • Official transcripts from all university studies (must be in French, English, or Spanish).

  • Birth certificate showing parents’ names (must be in French, English, or Spanish).

  • Proof of citizenship (copy of the applicant’s passport or identification card).

  • A list of courses approved by the partner institution.

  • A letter of interest for students applying under a general exchange agreement.

  • A French test score (for non-francophone students). Université Laval recommends the TFI (Test de français international). The minimum TFI score for admission in a regular program is 750/990. Equivalent scores on other recognized French tests such as DELF or DALF are also acceptable. This testing requirement does not apply to students who register for French as a Foreign Language or French as a Second Language courses.

  • A portfolio (for students in architecture, visual arts, and graphic design).



  • Prospective exchange students in master’s or PhD programs who plan to do thesis or dissertation work, a final project, or laboratory work must arrange in advance for a UL faculty member to act as an advisor during their stay before submitting their applications to the International Office. Under no circumstances may UL professors serve as dissertation or thesis co-supervisors.

  • For courses in French as a Foreign Language (FFL), an activity fee (but no tuition or processing fees) will be charged.


Application deadlines

Visiting student applications must be submitted by March 20 (fall and winter semesters) or October 1 (winter semester only).

All application materials must be submitted as a single package, to the attention of the International Office:

International Office
Maison Eugène-Roberge
2325 rue des Arts
Université Laval
Québec City, Québec G1V 0A6


Admission package

The International Office ensures that admission packages for all accepted applicants are sent by the Registrar’s Office to the person responsible for exchanges at the home institution. These packages contain all the documentation that students need for their UL stay. This person is then responsible for forwarding the information to the successful applicants and explaining the next steps in the process.
The admission package includes the following:


  • A letter of acceptance

  • A checklist for visiting students

  • A Québec Certificate of Acceptance (CCQ) for stays of more than six months Information needed to reserve a room with the Université Laval Residence Office)

  • A link to «Pour une arrivée réussie», the international student guide Information on mandatory insurance



  • The letter of acceptance will specify the level and program of study. If this information is incorrect, the student must contact us immediately by email ( Changes to the level or program of study will not be possible after students arrive.

  • Students are responsible for completing immigration formalities as soon as they receive their letter of acceptance. They must have all required documents with them upon arrival at Université Laval.


Additional information

If you think the Exchanges Canada protocol is the best way for your institution to establish an exchange program with Université Laval, contact the International Office for information on how to proceed.