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Student Exchanges

International and Intercultural Internships


International and intercultural internship programs can be established as part of a collaboration between an institution in a developing country, which hosts Université Laval students and supervises the internship, and a Université Laval program. Internship protocols are designed to establish a long-term, flexible partnership built on trust and mutual respect of each party’s expertise.


About the internships

  • The protocol provides a structured internship. UL program directors, the International Office, and the partner institution jointly supervise the internship to ensure its objectives are achieved.

  • Partnerships are established with institutions that offer a safe and academically relevant internship environment, and a well-organized supervision and hosting system.

  • The protocol fosters knowledge sharing and two-way learning.

  • The internship gives students valuable international experience and a new perspective on their future profession.

Additional information

If you think the International and Intercultural Internship is the best way for your institution to establish an exchange program with Université Laval, contact the International Office for information on how to proceed.