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Science : It’s simpler than you think!

Our researchers answer questions big and small, posed by children curious to learn more about a wide range of subjects. Through this video series, discover the diversity of research expertise at Université Laval, and see that science is more accessible than it seems.

What's beyond the Universe?

Why are some people smarter than others?

Why are axolotls endangered?

Why can't I feel the Earth turning?

How can sadness and anger enter our hearts?

Is it true that we eat insects in our sleep?

Why do pumpkins only exist on Halloween?

Why don't medicines taste good?

Why do stars twinkle?

Why can't dogs see all colors?

How does the heart pump blood?

How does a volcano erupt?

How does hair grow?

How big is the Universe?

What does E=MC2 mean?

How is plastic made?

Why do bees sting?

Why is it always hot in Africa?

Why do some people dislike music?

Why are only the digits 0 and 1 used in programming?

Why do humans sweat?

Coulisse du tournage de la série

Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes of the filming of the capsules and learn more about the members of the research community and their willingness to share their passion for science.

Watch the video

Curious about the series? Read this article in ULaval Nouvelles.

This project was carried out in collaboration with École primaire Jean XXIII of the Centre de services scolaires de la Capitale.