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An emergency fund to help our students

Date of publication

March 26, 2020

An emergency fund to help our students

We are proud to have launched today the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, which will provide last-resort assistance to our students experiencing significant financial stress. An application form is available on the Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière website. The amount that can be obtained, based on each situation and taking into account the announced government benefits, can be up to $1,500.

Currently, the COVID-19 Emergency Fund contains half a million dollars. However, we are continuing our efforts, in collaboration with our Foundation and the student associations CADEUL and AELIES, to enhance this essential fund for students who have lost their jobs and are experiencing difficult times.

Solidarity with our residents

We would like to underline the great mobilization of our residents and the teamwork of all the university staff who are accompanying them during this difficult period of moving.

In order to protect their health and that of their loved ones, we have asked those who are able to do so to leave their rooms free of charge. In an efficient and caring manner, the staff of several departments and services will answer their questions, guide them in finding a new place to live and offer them psychological and financial assistance.

Thank you to our partners in the greater Quebec City area, who show solidarity by offering housing options to our residents. Thank you also to all the housekeepers who maintain a high level of hygiene in our four residence pavilions for those who still live there.

Tips for a better telecommuting experience

We would like to share best practices with our staff working remotely to adapt to this new routine. Consult one of the eight ergonomics video vignettes on the Occupational Health and Wellness/Ergonomics Web page for your job category on the Human Resources intranet. They will allow you to adjust properly in a short time. You can also browse through the guide Ergonomics and Temporary Telework, developed by Entrac, or read the 10 tips for telework adapted to the reality at Université Laval.